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Size : 899.99MB
Format : .avi

This movie begins with a band of brothers hunting a tapir. They seemed to be very happy, enjoy each other's company and even engage in a fratboy style of communal fun. They are interrupted by a migration of other villagers whom have been attacked and run off their land. This visit sits in the mind of Jaguar Paw(Rudy Youngblood). At the village he wakes one morning to find a band of Mayan soldiers attacking his settlement. He rushes his pregnant wife and young son into a deep hole for insurance of safety. He is captured(as are all of the surviving adults). They are tied to bamboo poles and forced to walk through perilous terrain to the Mayan civilization. On this journey they encounter a young girl who delivers an omen to the Mayan soldiers that one of their captives will bring them all to their end. Upon arrival at the Mayan civilization the women are sold into slavery and the men are to be offered as a sacrifice to the Mayan Gods. Jaguar Paw was saved only by an eclipse and was eventually able to escape to freedom, but not until after he killed the Mayan general's son. The Mayan soldiers chase Jaguar Paw through corn field, the jungle, over waterfalls, etc. He is able to eliminate them slowly throughout this process. He arrives back to retrieve his wife(whom had given birthin the hole) and his son.

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Ada kesalahan di dalam gadget ini

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