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Size : 698.32MB
Format : AVI

Frank Martin is hired to deliver a package to an American gangster known only as "Wall Street" in his BMW 735i. Breaking one of his rules, Frank opens the package, it is revealed to be a young woman tied up and gagged, by the name of Lai. Initially, Frank simply delivers the package, but when "Wall Street" attempts to kill Frank, Frank returns to the delivery site. Frank injures many of "Wall Street"'s henchmen and takes Lai back to his house, where she explains that there is a large container full of people. Frank succeeds in an attempt to retrieve a truck full of immigrants.

Frank is aided by a French Police inspector named Tarconi. Initially, Tarconi is assigned to investigate the path of destruction that Frank is leaving, but he ends up aiding in the recovery of the containers full of human slaves. Incidentally, although two slave containers are identified, Frank only recovers one at the end of the film.

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Ada kesalahan di dalam gadget ini

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